Oukitel Smartphones

Oukitel is a manufacturer of Chinese smartphones, which specializes in mobile phones of the upper and lower middle class. Smartphones from Oukitel have twice as much battery capacity as other smartphones - here a real gap in the market.

The Oukitel K10000 was released 2 years ago and has energy for several days. Since then, OUKITEL has been producing smart phone models, all of which offer good value for money.

The Oukitel phones "U" [U10, U8, U7 Plus, U20, U13, U22, U11 Plus, U2] are all in the middle class, and convince with a good performance and a stylish design.

The models with the abbreviation "K" (K3, K4000 Pro, K4000 Plus, K5000, K7000, K8000, K10000 Pro, K10000 Max), on the other hand, represent a different concept.
They should stand out from the competition by an enormous battery capacity. The name stands for the milliamp hours that are available to the smartphone. So far, this concept is also good: Since many mobile phone users the normal battery capacity is too low, they like to use the smartphones from Oukitel.

Oukitel Smartphones
  • Oukitel Smartphones

Oukitel Smartphones

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